maxresdefaultKimberly McSherry has been a student of Astrology and a professional educator since 1970.  She holds multiple degrees from Kent State University (BS in English/Education & Psychology), the State University of New York at Buffalo (MA in Humanities), and The University of Houston (M.ED PSYCH.).  She is a certified Gestalt Therapist, with advanced studies in Jungian and Hakomi Therapeutic approaches as well.  Kimberly is the co-founder (1980) and current Director of The Houston Institute of Astrology, offering an intensive 2-year curriculum in the study of Astrology, based on The Mystery School tradition. Her nontraditional education includes extensive study of mythology and comparative religions, Native American Spirituality, and a vast array of physical and metaphysical healing modalities and nontraditional psychological fields. She is the published author of several essays on astrology, which have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, and Llewellyn’s New World Astrology Series, Spiritual, Metaphysical, & New Trends in Astrology.  She has also served on the faculty of most national astrological conferences.  Kimberly currently writes, teaches Astrology classes via HIA, offers private astrological consultations, and practices short-term focused therapy using a variety of therapeutic techniques. She can be reached by e-mail at

05d51534-cd6e-4808-91d7-a65d2451d447_lilly_whitebackLilly Roddy has been a professional astrologer for 34 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business, and financial matters, lectures on a variety of astrological topics, and writes the astrology column for Outsmart Magazine.  You can also find her daily horoscope writings at  Lilly has had an interest in Metaphysics since 1979 and has studied numerology, crystals, gems, palmistry, tarot, subtle energy perception, Reiki, and martial arts.  She holds a BA in Sociology from The University of Texas.  Lilly uses Astrology to help individuals realize a greater number of options and make the best use of their current reality.  Her approach is practical and her goal is to assist people to find their purpose and to experience greater satisfaction from life.  For information regarding Lilly’s consultations and lecture services, she can be reached at or 713.529.5842.

sumbolik_Maurielle2Maurielle Laurenne is the Astrologer + Designer for the spiritually-based lifestyle brand Symbolik who lives the mantra “Create Your Universe” by helping people tap into their divine spark and light up the world with their unique energy.  Maurielle offers intuitive insights and sacred objects to seekers from all paths.  Her intention is to help people live outwardly their inner spiritual principles because the world needs the gift that your soul was born to deliver.  Her intuitive insights have guided over 433 seekers (and counting!), and her sacred objects are carried online and in boutiques throughout the United States.  The popularity of Maurielle’s work led her to be scouted by Los Angeles-based RAW Artists who represent top emerging creatives in 60 cities around the world.  In addition, Maurielle’s cosmic workshops have been hosted by trendy venues such as The Elaine Turner Store, Hotel Ylem, Mio Boutique, Body, Mind & Soul Bookstore, The Fashion Group International, and The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  Maurielle serves on the Board of Directors for The Houston Astrological Society and The Fashion Group International’s Houston chapter.  She is also the horoscope columnist for a local fashion + society magazine.  Discover more about the Symbolik brand at or connect with Maurielle via



Gandhari Bouligny has been a professional astrologer in Houston since 1999. As well as giving spiritual, life path readings, she offers energy healing/Reiki/Chakra balancing sessions. Her business is White Rose Wellness and you can contact her at


IMG_0675Desiree Pinks became interested in Astrology through the study of her own chart and personal relationships.  She has been an independent student of Astrology since 2015, and, upon moving to Houston, Texas, began formal study with The Houston Institute of Astrology in 2017.  She has also studied online with The Astrology School. She graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with an emphasis on International Business and Management in 2016.  Desiree practices Astrology via recorded video format, offering diverse readings to her clients. Desiree can be reached at or via e-mail at


Russian born Oleg Mironov has a background in IT Engineering.  He began his study of Astrology in 2012 and earned the equivalent of a “Bachelor of Astrology” degree from the Ukranian Astrology Association and the Russian Astrology Society.  His area of expertise is the practical application of Astrology to the client’s daily life, work, relationships, and lifestyle choices.  Oleg also studies and practices active imagination, holotropic breathwork, and dream analysis.  He currently serves on the Board of The Houston Astrological Society and can be reached at his website,