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“Confronting Fear & Sabotage: The Saturn-Pluto Agenda” with cosmic coach Maurielle Laurenne

What lurks beneath your perception? Fear is often the source of sabotage, driving us to repress realities that need addressing and build protective structures around the fear. On a personal level, much of our daily choices- from jobs to relationships- can be deceptively motivated by our perpetual avoidance of a hidden anxiety. On a global level, governmental and corporate cover-ups conceal resource abuses by capitalizing on the public’s survival dilemmas. This year, karmic Saturn and subterranean Pluto align in executive Capricorn to help us confront fear and face sabotage. We’ll learn how to gain power by taking responsibility and rebrand ourselves as stewards instead of slaves. Join cosmic coach Maurielle Laurenne on 3/20 @ 7-8:30p at Body Mind And Soul bookstore to excavate your buried apprehensions, learn how to transform avoidance into action, become aware of the central institutional and environmental threats of 2020, and decide what role you want to play in illuminating darkness in the new decade.

After a decade in the coaching industry guiding the lives of over 700+ private clients most people say that Maurielle Laurenne’s cosmic coaching is “better than therapy” and everyone says they gain “clarity, confirmation and confidence” about their life and business by working with her. Maurielle has authored a monthly guidance column in 3 magazines, been featured on Channel 26 news, is a licensed ordained minister, and was nominated as one of the Top 20 Small Business Entrepreneurs in Houston. Get in touch to get ahead:

Friday, March 20, 2020
7:00 – 8:30 PM

Body Mind & Soul
7951 Katy Fwy
Houston, Texas

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